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Forum Vogelsang, Schleiden

Kreis Euskirchen,
in Abstimmung mit der SEV Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Vogelsang GmbH
im Vorlauf für die in Gründung befindliche vogelsang ip gemeinnützige GmbH
approx. 12.000 m2
Oliver Kühn

The goal of this design is the redefinition of a place of the perpetrators to a place of remembrance.
A track is to be cut into the landscape, like the cut of a scalpel – straight, calculated and oppressive. Beginning at the Malakoff, ending as a perfectly straight red ramp in the courtyard of Vogelsang, and then continuing via carpets into the hallways, all the way to the exhibition areas.
At the halfway point, it will bisect a rectangular area, the foundations of the ruined “House of Knowledge;” now, it is to convey a different kind of knowledge, the knowledge of the suffering of countless people.
To the left and right of the ramp, walls one meter high are to be designed as shelves. Stacked in them will be boxes – countless boxes, unlabeled, and the contents unknown. The observers will be able to draw their own conclusions.