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Museum Oskar-von-Miller-Ring, Munich

G. Dreyer Planungsgesellschaft mbH
approx. 21.500 m2
Oliver Kühn

Thanks to its inner-city site qualities in the immediate vicinity of Munich’s Kunstareal (“art district”), the 7000 sqm construction site is particularly suitable as a site for the new Concert Hall of the Bavarian Broadcasting Network’s Symphony Orchestra. However, other inner-city core-area use forms are also possible. The current construction study shows the feasibility of a philharmonic orchestra, with a concert hall with approx. 2100 seats, a chamber-music hall with approx. 700 seats, generous foyers and rehearsal rooms, and sufficient administrative and technical areas. The main entryway opens to the south, toward an intimate urban square which also conveys a new urban presence, and is an appropriate neighbor to the Siemens Forum. The triangular building, directly on the northward vista fromOskar-von-Miller Ring, could serve as an “access and orientation building” for the Kunstareal. Located at the node of all new pedestrian connections, it is suitable as an information and ticket sales center for the nearby museum complex.Like its neighboring buildings, the long drawn-out main body of the building is 22 m high; the hall building overshadows it by another eight meters.