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easyCruise - A Contemporary Cruise Ship

easyGroup, Stelios Haji-Ioannou
Swantje Kühn

A contemporary cruise ship was developed for the Greek ship owner Stelios Haji-Ioannou and his “easy“ Service Empire to meet the different expectations and demands of contemporary young cruise tourists.
It is conceived as a new kind of swimming hotel, far removed from the design clichés of former cruise ships or the banal appearance of mass ferries. “easyCruise“ is intended as a sensual adventure, a novel way for people to venture into new territories. The internal circulation system is undergoing a substantial re-programming process following economical considerations. It will be much enhanced by developing its formerly banal-looking corridors into varied, active areas.
“Easy’s“ striking company colour will dominate the colour scheme for the new room implants and service areas. The traditional “boardwalk“ will become much more dynamic and varied.
Today’s clients are well-prepared and highly organised individuals. The spaces inside and on deck, the spaces between the limited world on board and the wide horizon of the sea are designed accordingly. There are new varieties of the traditional sundecks, bars and shops whereas internet facilities, games rooms, clubbing areas and a launderette are added to the room scheme. Functions overlap, the architectural design is strewn with implants and perforations all serving the strategy to re-programme and extend the narrow space on board in an entertaining way.