Lounge Expo Real, Munich

Messe München
Swantje Kühn with 3deluxe

In the hectical and stressful atmosphere of today's large business and trade fairs both visitors and exhibitors are longing for quiet islands for retreat, chill-out, refreshment or concentrated work.
The "Messe Gesellschaft München" as one of the major international trade fair organisers have asked Gewers Kuehn+Kuehn architects to develop an innovative lounge concept as a standard furniture for different trade fairs in different locations.
The design is based on three different extruded seating elements, called sledge. The generated form allows for intensive work on the labtop, a short nap in a comfortable position or a close conversation with other persons.
The wooden sledges are covered with “tempur” a new material initially developed for the aerospace industries. At the first touch the mattress like material gives way and evokes a smooth and hugging feeling.
Positioned side by side, the sledges can be fitted in any niches or space or create an island in itself. The system allows additionally for more intimate spaces by adding gaze covered frames to the sides which can also be transformed to a bar or a partition wall covered with openings for flowers.
For the Munich real estate fair we have created three different atmospheres which were given the topics “bloody mary, “aqua cool” and “lime juice”.
The topics determine the colours, the smell, the sound, the light and the nature of the drinks offered at each end of the lounge. A large gaze curtain separates the usual fair activities from these specially designed atmospheres.
For a few moments visitors can indulge in the ambient world of the lounge and reactivate their energies before they start again their business.