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Baufeld 13, Stuttgart 21, Stuttgart

Projekt Stuttgart A1.13 GmbH & Co. KG
approx. 28.000 m2

From an urban planning point of view, it‘s simple and clear: a striking block-edge ensemble defines the new residential neighborhood, which surrounds an attractive green space.
The diagonal course of the southern boundary to the lot is to be taken up as a specific characteristic of the site, and transferred to the free space in the form of a dynamic system of pathways. At the ends of these paths are the access cores for the apartments.
The apartment buildings are conceived as a gigantic system of shelves, in which the units – small, medium-sized, large and even duplex apartments – are to be arranged flexibly and in accordance with the marketing strategy. The individual buildings can be designed as required, with either two or three apartments per floor.
Continuous balconies with a width of 1 m, and 2 m loggia balconies which permit outdoor seating, are to be provided in front of the apartments. The balustrades are of colored glass, with a different color for each building; otherwise, the building is white with wood on the balconies, and vertical silvery strips integrated into the edge of each story in order to reduce solar irradiation.
The apartment floor plans are open, with kitchenette islands and generous transit areas between rooms.